Bradwell-on-Sea Outstation

Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex
Call sign
Chiswell 4
Up station
Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Observer Mr Wilfred John Newman Unknown 20 Jul 1944
Operator Mr Arthur Joseph "Bob" Dewick Unknown 20 Jul 1944
Station description

Originally the only information available came from a 1944 map of the Special Duties network. This shows an outstation in the vicinity of Bradwell-on-Sea. This made it likely that the set was in or around the village itself as the land is extremely flat and the village is the highest point in the surrounding area. Even today the area is relatively sparsely populated, hence the location of Bradwell nuclear power station nearby.

In 2021, details came to light indicating that the owner of Curry Farm, a short distance from Bradwell-on-Sea was a Special Duties operative. The site is almost exactly where the map indicated the outstation was. The precise location of the wireless set on the property has yet to be identified, but it was certainly nearby.

Curry Farm is now a Nature Reserve with a holiday home.

Map Location

Bradwell-on-Sea Outstation