Hatfield Peverel Instation

Hatfield Peverel, Essex
Call sign
Chiswell x
Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Operator Second Subaltern Marguerite Burbage (Miss) 1942 1942
Operator Second Subaltern Kathleen Marie Hills (Mrs) 20 Jul 1941 1942
Operator Second Subaltern Eileen Margaret Hopkins (Miss) 1943 1944
Operator Second Subaltern Cicely Hopkins 1942 1942
Operator Second Subaltern Marion Avis Lloyd (Miss) 1942 1944
Operator Second Subaltern Sybil Hazel Richardson (Miss) 1942 1942
Station description

Closed pre July 1944 as it does not appear on Jones' map.
In her diary Beatrice Temple records visiting the site 15 Dec 1941, when she meets Operator Kitty Hills.
3-4 Feb 1942 when she meets Lloyd, Burbage and Richardson and overnights in The White Hart.
31 March 1942 when she visits the Hut.
10 July 1942 when she meets Captain Childe and Mr Bradley.
23 Aug 1942 meets Captain Childe in Colchester
25-26 Nov 1942 with an overnight stay in Colchester.
2 Dec 1942 when she finds Cicley Hopkins alone.
12 March 1943 when she has lunch with Betty and Ann.
15 April 1943 and her last visit appears to be 13 May 1943.

Map Location

Hatfield Peverel Instation


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