Wareham Suboutstation

Wareham, Dorset
Call sign
Osterley 9A
Special Duties Personnel

No personnel yet known for posting to this Network or Station.

Station description

The wartime diary of Alf Ellis records this sub outstation to be a cellar close to the centre of Wareham. The location is not known for certain, but the description could fit with the concealed cellar said to have existed in the basement of the Auctioneers office of Lieutenant Cyril Quick, assistant group commander on the operational side of Auxiliary Units. It is known that another similar post holder in Essex, Ronald Potts, was both Assistant Group Commander and an outstation operator. It may be that this was the same in Wareham. It has been suggested that Patrol stores were kept by Lieutenant Quick in his hidden cellar, so it may be that there was another secret cellar in Wareham, though other locations exist where a Patrol and Special Duties operators were operating in the same small area.

Map Location

Wareham Suboutstation


Arthur Gabbitas