Osterley, Area 16

Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Area Signals Section Corporal Richard Gordon Armitage Gilbert Unknown 08 Sep 1944
Area Signals Section Signalman John J. Orr Unknown 08 Sep 1944
Intelligence Officer Captain Owen Byron Hall-Hall 22 Apr 1944 14 Aug 1944
Royal Signals Support Corporal William Panahioty Air May 1942 Unknown
Royal Signals Support Signalman G. David Unknown 20 Jul 1944
Royal Signals Support Sergeant Alfred H. Ellis 20 Apr 1942 1942

The Osterley Network covered  the Dorset coastal area. It was linked with Omagh, with both under command of the same Intelligence Officer. Osterley 12 was the same station as Omagh 1 and meant messages could be passed between the two networks. This Network was supported by The Royal Signals of Area 16.

Map of Station locations

Avon Suboutstation

Blandford Instation

Bridport Outstation

Broadstone Outstation

Colehill Outstation

Dorchester Outstation

Frampton Outstation

Hawkchurch Outstation

Kinson Suboutstation

Lyme Regis Suboutstation

Lytchett Matravers Outstation

Millbourne St Andrew Outstation

Poole Suboutstation

Portesham Outstation

Stoborough Heath Outstation

Upton Garage Suboutstation

Wareham Suboutstation

Wool Outstation

Network Station locations
Osterley 0 - Blandford Instation
Osterley 1 - Hawkchurch Outstation
Osterley 1A - Lyme Regis Suboutstation
Osterley 2 - Bridport Outstation
Osterley 3 - Frampton Outstation
Osterley 4 - Dorchester Outstation
Osterley 6 - Wool Outstation
Osterley 7 - Broadstone Outstation
Osterley 7B - Poole Suboutstation
Osterley 8A - Avon Suboutstation
Osterley 8B - Upton Garage Suboutstation
Osterley 9A - Wareham Suboutstation
Osterley 10 - Portesham Outstation
Osterley 11 - Colehill Outstation
Osterley 12 = Omagh 1 - Osterley 12/Omagh 1
Osterley 12A - Kinson Suboutstation