Wroxham Outstation

Wroxham, Norfolk
Call sign
Bowland 9 (or 6)
Special Duties Personnel

No personnel yet known for posting to this Network or Station.

Station description

The Station was a dugout in the garden of the Norfolk Headquarters. The site is located about halfway down the garden of Beech House, immediately adjoining the northern boundary of the property and a former public footpath (now closed). The site comprised a large house and adjoining garden, requisitioned for use as a base for the East Norfolk Scout Section. Upstairs, the house was fitted with military bunks. A Special Duties wireless station is believed to have been situated beside the footpath running along the northern edge of the property’s garden.

Tom Colquitt, one of the Scout Section members, noted the wireless and was overheard that the call sign was Bowling 9. Subsequent documentary evidence has confirmed that the call sign was Bowland. There are only seven outstations recorded on the Jones Map in June 1944. It may be that Bowland 9 was closed down when the Scout Section was reduced in size in April 1943. However there is a point close to the location on the map and it is position six, suggesting that perhaps it was actually Bowland 6 and remained in operation. In the 1940s, the property formed part of the Trafford estate. The house has long since been returned to use as a private dwelling, it was rented out after the war and eventually sold. Nothing remains on the site today.

Map Location

Wroxham Outstation


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