Byfield, Area 15A

Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Area Officer Royal Signals Lieutenant John Hunter Monck-Mason Unknown 1943
Royal Signals Support Corporal William Panahioty Air May 1942 Unknown

This area is know from some notes taken by John Monck-Mason. He recorded the details of some of the stations and serial numbers of the batteries they were using. Unfortunately not all the locations were recorded. It seems that the network was closed down prior to June 1944 as it does not appear on the Jones Map.

It seems very likely that the Shorwell Outstation in this Network is the same one in the Omagh Network. Possibly the same is true for Newport Outstation and perhaps the others were simply incorporated into the existing Networks or closed down.

This Network was supported by The Royal Signals of Area 15A.

Map of Station locations

Alderbury Instation

Newport Outstation

Shorwell Outstation

Network Station locations
Byfield 0 - Alderbury Instation
Byfield 3 = Omagh 3 - Shorwell Outstation
Byfield 4 - Newport Outstation

Monck-Mason papers