Cheviot, Area 11

Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Area Officer Royal Signals Lieutenant Wilfred Bradley 1942 Jun 1943
Area Officer Royal Signals Lieutenant Joseph Harold Fletcher 1944 08 Sep 1944
Area Officer Royal Signals Lieutenant Bernard Maurice Thimont 1944 1944
Intelligence Officer Captain Frederick Baldwin Childe 02 Jan 1941 01 Oct 1943
Intelligence Officer Captain Arthur Douglas Ingrams 1944 1944

This Network was supported by The Royal Signals of Area 11.

Map of Station locations

Bury St Edmunds Instation

Carlton Coalville Outstation

Great Glemham Outstation

Peasenhall Outstation

Sweffling Suboutstation

Thornham Magna Instation

Uggeshall Outstation

Woodbridge Outstation

Network Station locations
Cheviot 0 - Thornham Magna Instation
Cheviot 2 - Peasenhall Outstation
Cheviot 3 - Uggeshall Outstation
Cheviot 4 - Great Glemham Outstation
Cheviot 4A - Sweffling Suboutstation
Cheviot 5 - Woodbridge Outstation