Brent Knoll Suboutstation

Brent Knoll, Somerset
Call sign
Chirnside 3B
Up station
Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from until
Operator Harold Whewell Hogarth Holmes Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Operator Neville Charles Leonardt Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Operator John William Leslie Leonardt Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Station description

The radio was located in Tumbledown Cottage under the stairs.

The photograph above shows a semi detached property (numbered 2 &3). John Leonardt later removed half of the property because it was partially falling down and rebuilt a single property which was then called Tumbledown (see map below, also numbered 2).
From the front door of the property, if you walked straight ahead you would walk under the stairs that lead to the upper floor.
While there was no hidden alcove as such, the underside of the stairs were panelled, and the wireless was located behind one of the steps where a panel could be removed to access it.

There were 2 beech trees located behind the Laurels, some 50-70 meters away, and the radio aerial was actually made to look like a standard overhead power cable, but which actually ran off to one of these beech trees.

A local lady, Monica, remembers a fellow in an army uniform walking past her with a ladder, as a young girl and as she stood talking to a friend. He had erected the ladder in a ditch behind the pig sty partially obscured from site, and was up the tree repairing the aerial. His cap fell to the ground close to where she and her friend were standing, which made her realise he was up to something up in the tree!

The modern photo is of “The Cottage” at Battleborough Lane, which is built on the site of the original Tumbledown Cottage.

Map Location

Brent Knoll Suboutstation


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