Chirnside, Area 17

Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Area Signals Section Corporal Arthur Walter Albert Gabbitas Unknown Unknown
Area Signals Section Signalman Albert Edward Leaverland Unknown 08 Sep 1944
Area Signals Section Signalman H. C. Morris Unknown 08 Sep 1944
Area Officer Royal Signals Second Lieutenant Joseph Harold Fletcher 1943 1944
Area Officer Royal Signals Lieutenant John Hunter Monck-Mason 23 Mar 1942 1943
Intelligence Officer Captain Cecil Mein Probyn-Dighton Coxwell-Rogers 01 Sep 1943 28 Sep 1943
Intelligence Officer Captain Edward Robert Ramage Fingland 27 Sep 1943 01 Nov 1943
Intelligence Officer Captain Godfrey 22 Apr 1944 03 Dec 1944
Intelligence Officer Captain Arthur Douglas Ingrams 1943 1944

Chirnside is a village in Berwickshire, but the name was used as the obfuscated code name and callsigns for the radio network across Somerset and Devon. This Network was supported by The Royal Signals of Area 17.

Map of Station locations

Axminster Suboutstation

Bewley Down (Axminster) Outstation

Brent Knoll Suboutstation

Buckland St Mary Instation

Chapel Cleave Estate Suboutstation

Edgarley Outstation

Puckington Outstation

Puriton Outstation

Spaxton Suboutstation

Widworthy (Sidbury) Outstation

Network Station locations
Chirnside 0 - Buckland St Mary Instation
Chirnside 1A - Axminster Suboutstation
Chirnside 3 - Puriton Outstation
Chirnside 3A - Spaxton Suboutstation
Chirnside 3B - Brent Knoll Suboutstation
Chirnside 4 - Puckington Outstation
Chirnside 5 - Edgarley Outstation

Jones Map