Cecil Mein Probyn-Dighton Coxwell-Rogers

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Captain Cecil Mein Probyn-Dighton Coxwell-Rogers, M.C
Life dates
29 May 1893 - 06 Mar 1953

Born Cecil Mein Probyn Dighton, he changed his name in 1916 on inheriting the mining rights and eventually estate of Richard Hugh Coxwell-Rogers. Richard had died in the fighting at Gallipoli in WW1, his previous education having been paid for by Cecil’s parents. Richard’s parents had divorced and Cecil’s parents became his surrogate parents.

Before the First World War he had played the part of Sir James Blount in the 1911 film Richard III.

Whilst serving as Intelligence Officer for the Special Duties Network in the Southwest, he was taken ill and admitted to hospital. The problem was evidently reasonably serious as he left Auxiliary Units and a couple of months later resigned his commission.

Cecil never married and after his death the estate returned to the original family and to Second Lieutenant Richard Coxwell-Rogers. In the interim, Cecil had converted Rossley Manor, Dowdswell, Gloucestershire, on his estate, into a Country Club.

Beatrice Temple mentions him in her diary; 

June 29 1942 To Taunton in new car. Overnight stay. Taunton 9 am checked in Capt Coxwell-Rogers + MM

Aug 12 1942 Train to Taunton – Capt Coxwell-Rogers – visit to site and farm – possible billet but only possible if Orderly provided – met Capt Tracey and Mr Lloyd. Overnight stay.

Aug 13 1942 Buckland St Mary with Capt Coxwell-Rogers – Hills (much improved). Visited Attery (Corps/Adviser). Honiton – No3 TC – Chose 3 Clerks and an Orderly.

Aug 15 1942 Taunton re Orderly to be attached. Lunch with Capt Coxwell-Rogers – up to Brown (billet). 

Aug 19 1942 Honiton with Capt Coxwell-Rogers much shuffling of personnel – short lecture to Officers at Hut.

Jan 3 1943 Colonel Douglas rang and asked for news as to whether ATS Clerks are being fully employed. Wrote a letter which will put cat among pigeons! Went to Taunton (Capt Coxwell-Rogers) – supper with Captain Fenwick and Capt Strangman. Over night stay.

Jan 4 1943 Took Capt Coxwell-Rogers to Hut and back to billets, seeing Ralph on the way.

Mar 18 1943 Left car at Shrivenham – picked up by Price – on to Taunton. All 3 at hut. With Hazel to tea with the Grahams [Cheddon Fitzpaine] so did Capt Coxwell-Rogers – Colonel to dinner. Overnight Hotel. Coxwell-Rogers to dinner.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Chirnside, Area 17 Intelligence Officer 01 Sep 1943 28 Sep 1943
Golding, Area 17A Intelligence Officer 01 Sep 1943 28 Sep 1943
National ID
ODMV 158/1
The Gloucestershire Regiment
Military number

Pre-war Actor and Club proprietor


Served with Pembroke Yeomanry, 24th Welsh Division and Machine Gun Corps in First World War. Awarded Military Cross.
25th January 1941 GSO(3) Acting Captain Office of Imperial General Staff
16 Jan 1943 Transferred to Gloucestershire Regiment from Cheshire Yeomany
30 Aug 1943 Admitted War Memorial Hospital, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset
4 Jan 1944 resigns commission on grounds of ill health,

13 Mount Street, Taunton, Somerset
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13 Mount Street, Taunton SD HQ for Capt Coxwell-Rogers