Edward Robert Ramage Fingland

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Captain Edward Robert Ramage “Ned” Fingland
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15 Oct 1909 - 16 Dec 1996
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Ned Fingland 1941 (from Alisdair Clark)

Ned Fingland's military career shows extremely rapid promotion, indicating he was recruited specifically for Military Intelligence Duties. He was initially posted to Scotland, living in Elgin, while covering Special Duties for the north of Scotland. He met and married his wife Alexa in Scotland in 1941.

Subsequently he was posted to Coleshill House, serving there for almost exactly the time that Lord Glanusk was Commanding Officer. He lived with his wife in a bungalow at Longcot, a short distance from Coleshill House. In a letter in 2001 his wife referred to Colonel Gubbins as "head boy", suggesting he was still taking a close interest in Auxiliary Units and was well known to her. She remained in contact with Lord Glanusk's widow at the time of writing, and mentioned a number of other officers, including Philip Talents, "the explosive boy", who likewise remembered Ned fondly to his family. He features a number of times in Beatrice Temple's diary. He is known to have lectured on security as part of the Patrol Leaders courses at Coleshill and assisted on the firing range.

In September 1943, he returned to the role of Intelligence Officer to cover for the absence through sickness of the Special Duties Officer in the Southwest. We know he visited "Chirnside 1", at the home of Group Leader Douglas Ingrams, as he signed the visitors book. He also left behind copies of the Intelligence Officers notes addressed to him when Ingrams was appointed to succeed him. By 18th November 1943 he was back at Coleshill, hosting Beatrice Temple for tea.

He was posted away shortly afterwards to take over Special Duties in Norfolk. By January 1944 he was in Yorkshire undertaking the same role and appears to have remained with Special Duties until it was stood down in July 1944.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Chirnside, Area 17 Intelligence Officer 27 Sep 1943 01 Nov 1943
Elgin, Area 1 Intelligence Officer 1940 1941
Coleshill House, GHQ Coleshill Staff 1942 Nov 1943
Bowland, Area 10 Intelligence Officer 11 Dec 1943 Jan 1944
Dalton, Area 8 Intelligence Officer Jan 1944 1944
Golding, Area 17A Intelligence Officer 27 Sep 1943 01 Nov 1943
The Intelligence Corps
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
3 Aug 1940



3 Aug 1940, Commissioned to General List from cadet status at a Royal Army Service Corps Officer Producing Centre,
14 Dec 1940, Specially Appointed and Temporary Captain indicating joined Auxiliary Units, thought to have served in Scotland as Intelligence Officer Special Duties.
28 Jan 1942, at Coleshill House for photo the following day, being mentioned in Beatrice Temple's diary
4 Mar 1942, Transferred to Intelligence Corps.
By Jul 1942, Permanently posted to Coleshill House as head of Intelligence (G2) and appears on course lecturer lists,
4 Sep 1943, Temporary Intelligence Officer Special Duties Southwest to cover for illness of Captain C.M.P Coxwell-Rogers.
25 Nov 1943, posted to Norfolk as Special Duties Intelligence Officer
1944, Subsequently posted to Yorkshire as Special Duties Intelligence Officer
4 Feb 1948, Transferred to Royal Scots Fusiliers

1941 Buccleuch Hotel, Moffat. Then 86 Glen Road, Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, Scotland 1947
Other information

2 Jun 1941 Married Alexa McGregor at the Central Hotel, Glasgow. 

In the 1930s he was a hotelier as was his father Robert Fingand and he returned to the profession in the 1950s to the 1970s. He had spent some time working at The Grand Hotel de Clarens, Switzerland in his youth.

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Edward Fingland, G2 Coleshill House letter to Ken Maryan Green (S Maryan Green)
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Ned Fingland around 1940 (from Alisdair Clark)
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Ned Fingland in the army around 1948 (from Alisdair Clark)
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Ned and Alexa Wedding 1941 (from Alisdair Clark)
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Ned and Alexa Fingland on their wedding anniversary