Shorwell Outstation

Shorwell, Isle of Wight
Call sign
Omagh 3
Special Duties Personnel

No personnel yet known for posting to this Network or Station.

Station description

Thought to be a dugout. A map drawn after the war by Arthur Gabbitas appears to locate this station around the Mount Ararat area near Shorwell. He recalled it being in a dugout in a wood on a hill and that the operator was a doctor.

Home Guard Auxilier Jim Caws recalled that his patrol were instructed to leave messages in a tree in Brightstone. An old lady lived in the nearby house and if it was dangerous to approach, the cold frame in the garden would be closed. Possibly this was part of the Omagh 3 spy and courier network, though the exact location is not known.

Station Status
Location not known
Map Location

Shorwell Outstation


Arthur Gabbitas