Omagh, Area 15

Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Area Signals Section Signalman L. C. Bevan Unknown 08 Sep 1944
Area Signals Section Signalman John Lever Dunford 20 Oct 1942 07 Sep 1944
Area Signals Section Lance Corporal Robert Bruce Lindeman Unknown 08 Sep 1944
Intelligence Officer Captain Douglas Mill Saunders 1940 1940
Royal Signals Support Corporal William Panahioty Air May 1942 Unknown

This Network was supported by The Royal Signals of Area 15.

Map of Station locations

Bitterne Outstation

Botley Suboutstation

Burlesdon Suboutstation

Denmead Outstation

Hambledon Outstation

Newport All Fours Outstation

Newport Suboutstation

Ningwood Suboutstation

Norton Outstation

Pitt Manor Instation

Rowlands Castle Suboutstation

Setley Suboutstation

Shorwell Outstation

Swanwick Outstation

Wacklands (Newchurch) Suboutstation

West End Outstation

West Moors Outstation

Wickham Outstation

Wootton Outstation

Network Station locations
Omagh 0 - Pitt Manor Instation
Omagh 1 = Osterley 12 - West Moors Outstation
Omagh 2 - Wootton Outstation
Omagh 2B - Setley Suboutstation
Omagh 3 - Shorwell Outstation
Omagh 4A - Newport Suboutstation
Omagh 5 - Wickham Outstation
Omagh 6 - Denmead Outstation
Omagh 7 - Swanwick Outstation
Omagh 7B - Botley Suboutstation
Omagh 8 - Norton Outstation
Omagh 8A - Ningwood Suboutstation
Omagh 9 - Bitterne Outstation
Omagh 10 - West End Outstation
Omagh 11 - Hambledon Outstation