Barnack, Area 2

Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Area Officer Royal Signals Lieutenant Wilfred Bradley Jul 1943 Sep 1944
Area Officer Royal Signals Lieutenant Bernard Maurice Thimont 1942 14 May 1943

This Network was supported by The Royal Signals of Area 2.

The National Archives holds a memorandum dated 30 March 1942 which states; " The C-in-C has decided that the organisation of the wireless installations for the intelligence side of Auxiliary Units should be expanded to, inclusive, Montrose, and should also include the South Wales and North Somerset areas".

Map of Station locations

Balmullo Outstation

Camus Cross Outstation

Edinburgh Golf Course Instation

Ethie Outstation

Fothringham Hill Outstation

Kinaldy Outstation

Leven Outstation

Melville House Outstation

Morphie Outstation

Smeaton Outstation

West Fenton Outstation

Network Station locations
Barnack 2 - Balmullo Outstation
Barnack 3 - Leven Outstation
Barnack 5 - Camus Cross Outstation
Barnack 6 - Kinaldy Outstation
Barnack 7 - Ethie Outstation
Barnack 8 - Morphie Outstation
Barnack 9 - West Fenton Outstation
Barnack 10 - Smeaton Outstation