Ardingly Instation

Wakehurst Place, Selsfield Road, Ardingly, Sussex
Call sign
Harston y
Special Duties Personnel
Role Name Posted from Until
Operator Second Subaltern Sarah Henrietta Curtis (Miss) Unknown 20 Jul 1944
Operator Second Subaltern Angela Mary Davis (Miss) 1942 Unknown
Operator Second Subaltern Hiliary Graham Graham (Miss) 1942 1942
Operator Second Subaltern Pamela Mary Forster Irving (Miss) Unknown Unknown
Operator Second Subaltern Hilary Joan Paddock (Miss) 1942 03 May 1945
Operator Second Subaltern Rosemary Beatrice Richards (Mrs) Unknown 12 May 1942
Operator Second Subaltern Sybil Hazel Richardson (Miss) 1942 1942
Operator Second Subaltern Margaret Hamilton Rigby (Miss) 1943 1943
Operator Second Subaltern Elizabeth Rush (Miss) 1943 1943
Operator Second Subaltern Hope Leslie Seaver (Mrs) 07 Sep 1941 09 Jul 1942
Station description

Ardingly Zero Station was a dugout at Wakehurst Place Gardens, Ardingly. Wakehurst Place is owned by the National Trust, but run as an outstation of Kew Gardens. There is a plaque on public display next to the Station. The entrance shaft started to collapse in recent years and was closed off as a result. The aerial trees can still be seen nearby.

In 2010 the National Trust commissioned a programme of archaeological works and produced a report of their findings. Using the results of this survey CART produced an appraisal of their results.

In her diary Beatrice Temple calls the site East Grinstead ; April 21 1942 Reigate – all well at Hut. East Grinstead (Curtis and Seaver had a row). West Grinstead (only Purves-Smith). Home for night.

May 26 1942 East Grinstead – Canadian Corps gone. Taken over by British Home.

While stationed at Ardingly the ATS were billeted at Hapstead Lodge, Hapstead under the care of Mrs Hett.

Station accessibility
The OB site is publicly accessible
Station Status
Collapsed with some visible remains
Caption & credit
Wakehurst Instation
Caption & credit
Wakehurst Place plaque
Caption & credit
Wakehurst Place
Map Location

Ardingly Instation


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