Suffolk Group 5


The large Group 5 photo shows;

Rear L - R 6th from left is a member of Copdock Patrol as is 8th and 9th from left. 10th left is Len Wyratt (Wenham) 11th left is Charlie Goodchild (East Bergholt) and the last man is Reg Airey (Copdock)

Second Rear L - R 10th from left is Bill Church (Wenham) and 11th is Billie Smith (East Bergholt)

Middle or third row - 2nd left is Ipswich II member as is 4th from left. 5th from left is Clauder Riches, 10th from left is Charles Coe (Wenham) and 11th left is Ray Abbott (East Bergholt)

Second row - 1st left L Hudson (Ipswich I) 2nd Sgt Neville Palmer (Ipswich II) 3rd is Sgt Rex Milner-Moore (Hintlesham) 4th is Sgt W Beaumont (Sproughton) 5th is Captain John Anderton Group Commander 6th is Lt Eric Pawsey Group Commander 7th is Lt. Cecil James Procter 8th Sgt Horace Clements (Copdock) 9th is Sgt Peter Hutton (Bentley) 10th is Sgt Jack Chaplin (Wenham) 11th is Sgt Devonshire (East Bergholt) 12th is Sgt Dennis Johnson (Raydon)

Front row - kneeling 1st left may be a Copdock member 3rd is Charlie Ambrose (East Bergholt) and 4th is Bill Miller (East Bergholt)

Suffolk Group 5 Officers
Suffolk Group 5 Officers

The Suffolk group Officers photo shows;

Back row from left to right: Sgt Dennis Johnson – Raydon Patrol, Sgt Horace Clements – Copdock Patrol, Sgt Rex Milner Moore – Hintlesham Patrol, Sgt Peter Hutton – Bentley Patrol, Sgt Noel Devonshire – East Bergholt Patrol, Sgt Jack Chaplin – Wenham Patrol

Front row from left to right: Sgt Neville Palmer – Ipswich II Patrol, 2nd Lt Cecil Procter, Lt Eric Pawsey, Lt H Mellor. Sgt L Hudson – Ipswich I Patrol and Sgt W Beaumont – Sproughton  Patrol

Suffolk Group 5 had their own Headquarters at Jermyn's Farm at Capel St Mary.

Role Name Posted from Until
Area Commander Captain Harry Edmund Mellor Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Area Commander Captain George Scott-Moncrieff Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Group Commander Captain Eric Geoffrey Pawsey Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Assistant Group Commander Captain John Francis Adrian Anderton Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Assistant Group Commander Captain Harry Edmund Mellor Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Assistant Group Commander Second Lieutenant Cecil James Procter Unknown Unknown
Map of Patrol locations

Bentley Patrol

Copdock Patrol

East Bergholt Patrol

Hintlesham Patrol

Ipswich-1 Patrol

Ipswich-2 Patrol

Raydon Patrol

Sproughton Patrol

Wenham Patrol

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