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The 40 Dorset Auxiliary Units Patrols can be divided into six Groups from lists recorded by Major Malcolm Hancock based at Coleshill House around  September 1944.

There were some changes in Patrols and personnel over time and the Group structure did not exist early in the war, but it provides a useful way to look at the Patrols.

The Dorset nominal roll is divided into two parts, an earlier list of the men by Patrol, together with a simple A-Z address book that was kept updated until Stand Down. The only way to identify which Auxiliers were in which Patrol is by their home address, if they do not appear in the earlier list.


The first Headquarters for Dorset was the home of its first Intelligence Officer at St Giles House near Wimborne. Next came Langton House in Blandford followed by Bingham's Melcombe. When Auxiliary Units were forced to leave there, they found a new headquarters at Duntish Court at Buckland Newton and moved in on 16 Mar 1943. On 1 Oct 1944 the Dorset Headquarters was closed down and the county was administered from Bishops Waltham in Hampshire as part of Area 3.

Intelligence Officers (IO)
Role Name Posted from Until
Intelligence Officer Captain The Lord Tony Ashley 15 Jul 1940 03 Feb 1941
Intelligence Officer Captain Richard John Victor Goss 21 Jun 1941 29 Jan 1942
Intelligence Officer Captain Nils Patrick Francis Leander 22 Aug 1942 12 Dec 1942
Intelligence Officer Captain Randle Frederick Hicks Darwall-Smith 12 Dec 1942 02 Feb 1943
Intelligence Officer Major Randle Frederick Hicks Darwall-Smith 04 Feb 1943 13 Aug 1943
Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Philip Humphrey Peter Weaver 13 Aug 1943 27 Sep 1943
Intelligence Officer Captain Archibald Douglas Hubbard 22 Apr 1944 14 Jul 1944
Scout sections

The East Dorset Scout Section and the West Dorset Scout Section were both active 1940 to 1943. In April 1943, as part of the reduction in Regular Army manpower across Auxiliary Units, a number of the men were returned to their Regiments and a Combined Dorset Scout Section formed. Further reductions were made in 1944 leaving just four men to provide support for training.

Map of Patrol locations

Abbotsbury Patrol

Beaminster Patrol

Bloxworth Patrol

Broadmayne Patrol

Charborough Patrol

Chickerell Patrol

Child Okeford Patrol

Corfe Mullen Patrol

Creech Patrol

D Day Dorset Guard Duties

Dorchester (Came Down) Patrol

Dorchester (Prison) Patrol

Dorchester (West) Patrol

Ferndown Patrol

Hinton St Mary Patrol

Langton Herring Patrol

Langton Matravers Patrol

Leweston Patrol

Long Bredy Patrol

Maiden Newton (Toller) Patrol

Manswood Patrol

Merley Patrol

Morcombelake Patrol

Moreton Patrol

Motcombe Patrol

Pimperne Patrol

Plush Patrol

Puddletown Patrol

Shipton Gorge Patrol

Spetisbury Patrol

Stoborough Patrol

Stourton Caundle Patrol

Symondsbury Patrol

Upwey Patrol

Wareham Patrol

Whitchurch Canonicorum Patrol

Winfrith Patrol

Winterborne Whitechurch (Longthorns) Patrol

Woodyates Patrol

Wool Patrol

Wrackleford Patrol

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