Alexander McKinnon McNair

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Private Alexander McKinnon "Alec" McNair
Life dates
31 Oct 1918 - 11 Jul 1975
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Alec McNair (courtesy Mrs McNair)

The McNairs were brothers from a Scottish farming family. Donald McNair (known as Dan) had moved down from Scotland in 1926 and he had seven children. His eldest son Jim was in the Fingringhoe Patrol, his second son Matthew commanded the Ramsey Patrol. His three younger sons Don, John and Alec were in the Mistley Patrol. Alec went on from the Auxiliary Units to the SAS.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Mistley Patrol Patrol member Unknown Unknown
Operation Bulbasket SAS combatant 12 Jun 1944 08 Aug 1944
Operations Archway & Howard SAS combatant 16 Mar 1945 08 May 1945
National ID
DDXW 24/7

Head Cowman


Joined SAS.

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