Arthur Rex Burwood Cook

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Mr Arthur “Rex” Burwood Cook
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03 May 1902 - Jan 1974
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From Ben Smith

His parents were Arthur Ellis Cook and Bertha Burwood who married in Islington in 1901. He was known from a young age as Rex, perhaps because his father was also called Arthur. He moved to Portsmouth with his family in 1905, his father serving in the Royal Navy.

Rex married Dorothy M Cockram in 1931. During the 1940s he was a Sea Scout leader. He had attended Scout Camps on the Isle of Wight after the First World War with his cousin Maurice’s 1st East Putney. He was also reportedly involved with the ARP, giving him access to the otherwise restricted area along the Hamble and Southampton Water.

After his death, his wife told her grandchildren that he had been a spy during the war, but none of them believed a word of it. She had apparently found some half eaten rice papers with messages written on them. Only when his Stand Down letters came to light after her death did they realise it was all true.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Burlesdon Suboutstation Observer Unknown 20 Jul 1944

Purbrook Grammar School

King Alfred's College, Winchester

National ID
EEYA 167/1



Headmaster of Hamble School 1933-1953

School House, School Lane, Hamble, Hampshire
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Rex Cook Stand Down letter from Colonel Douglas (Ben Smith)
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Rex Cook Stand Down letter from General Franklin (Ben Smith)
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Rex Cook, envelope containing Stand Down letters (Ben Smith)

Grandson (Ben Smith)

Tale of Two Families, John Burwood, 1921

Scouting in Hamble

Hamble Sea Scouts