Charles Henry Moyle

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Corporal Charles Henry "Charlie" Moyle
Life dates
06 Sep 1905 - 25 Dec 1996
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Moyle was the Corporal of Probus Patrol, Cornwall

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Probus Patrol Patrol Corporal 27 May 1940 03 Dec 1944
National ID
WBOC 6/1
Commissioned or Enlisted
June 1940

Farm worker

Tresawle Cottage, Probus, Cornwall
Other information

Known as Charlie his Granddaughter Nicola Spender remembers him well.

My Granddad, loved the land and was well known for growing flowers and vegetables at home and at the allotment in Probus.  

As a child I would go with Granddad to various other farms to bring in the hay and collect potatoes. He also used to Judge at the local shows and I found out after his passing, he was well known for his dry stone walling. Charlie was a keen whist drive player and also had the most wonderful alto voice - truly was a gift.  

I can remember being at wedding and singing a hymn, Grandad was singing away and gradually people falling silent to listen to his voice. A member of male voice choirs and in later years he had his little group of "Charlie and the Angels" who would entertain various organisations.  

Granddad was awarded the "Best in the West" title which was given to him at Probus Village Hall.

I always knew Granddad could shoot but although I knew he had been in the Home Guard knew nothing more.

Granddad was a jovial person but I also know he was very controlled, as events happened in his life that I think others may not have dealt with as he did. I believe anything to do with the land, he knew.


TNA ref WO199/3391

1939 Register

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Auxilier Charlie Moyle's Granddaughter Nicola Spender