Clement Arthur Knowles

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Private Clement Arthur "Clem" Knowles
Life dates
04 Feb 1905 - 1988
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Unit or location Role Posted from until
Grampound Patrol Patrol member 06 Jan 1941 03 Dec 1944
National ID
WBJG 115/1
Commissioned or Enlisted
January 1941


Old Hill, Grampound, Cornwall
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Known as Clem he was the brother of Sergeant Will Knowles. Both worked for the James family on Barteliver Farm (where the OB was built), Will as a cattleman and Clem as a horseman. Between them, on retirement, they had clocked up 128 years of unbroken service on the farm and were awarded the Long Service Medal by the Royal Agricultural Society.

Clem was often to be found cleaning his .22 rifle in front of the kitchen table. He would sometimes allow his daughter to help and she would roll grenades to him along the table ! This practice was only ended by Mrs Knowles when a spring from the rifle shot off and cracked a glass lamp.

The family always knew the brothers were doing something “special” but not what. Clem would only ever say he was “going out on manoeuvres” but would often return filthy dirty and his hands covered in scratches.

He was left handed but would shoot right handed.

Clem's young daughter had a first aid lesson one day at school and she raced home insisting her father needed a tourniquet. Only a few days later the Patrol gathered to receive a first aid lecture. Questioned as to what they would do if one of them was seriously bleeding, Clem managed to impress all by instantly recommending a tourniquet and proceeding to expertly tie one on his brother's arm.

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Clem Knowles long service award (from Joy nee Knowles)
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Will and Clem Knowles (from Joy nee Knowles)
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Will and Clem Knowles (from Joy nee Knowles)
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Clem and Will Knowles (from Joy nee Knowles)

TNA ref WO199/3391

1939 Register

Pat and Joy (nee Knowles) Champion