Frederick John Bayldon

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Signalman Frederick John Bayldon
Life dates
25 Jul 1912 - 02 Apr 1989

After the war he worked for the National Provincial Bank in Hull, becoming an elected officer of the local branch of the National Union of Bank Employees, and also of the the Ionians Rugby Club. 

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Royal Signals Support Royal Signals Support Unknown 08 Sep 1944
National ID
JBFJ 367/1
The Royal Signals

Bank clerk (1939)


Ending the war as Sergeant Bayldon, he had apparently previously been in the RAF and involved in other Army units, before joining Special Duties Signals. His son only learnt this from his father's brother having previously been told nothing. His transfer from the RAF perhaps suggests he was also a Radio Amateur and RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) member as they were the source of many recruits.

Later he apparently was involved in the maintenance of SOE Agents wireless sets.

Later in the war he was sent to join Mountbatten's Headquarters in India and took with him a piece of equipment similar to an Enigma decoder. He was allocated his own cabin to work this equipment with an armed guard outside.

11 Westfield Rise, Hessle, Yorkshire (1939)

Royal Signals Stand Down Photo caption
Michael Bayldon via Alan Williamson (letter 3 Jun 2008; 3449)
1939 Register
The Daily Mail (Hull) 1946-1950