George Henry Bloomfield

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Lance Corporal George Henry Bloomfield
Life dates
10 Mar 1916 - 1994
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Profile picture
Unit or location Role Posted from until
St. Keverne Patrol Patrol Corporal 13 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
National ID
WBDI 48/3
Commissioned or Enlisted
13th June 1940


Lower Lesueague, St Keverne, Cornwall
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George married in 1942 and had a farm in St Keverne. His son was born there, and tells us a bomb had gone off in a nearby field when he was being born ! A good job it missed their hidden explosives. Though George never talked of his time in Auxiliary Units his son knew where the OB was as he played around there as a lad after the war never knowing its original use.

George carried on with the farm until the late sixties rarely leaving the area due to the work involved. They gave up the farm after the sons had left home and moved to a Stud in Dorset where George went back to working with the horses again, another Stud followed and then they retired to Bath.

Thanks to his family, Lance Corporal Bloomfield was posthumously awarded the Defence Medal in 2020.

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George Bloomfield Defence Medal 2020 (from Shirley Bloomfield)

TNA ref WO199/3391

1939 Register

The Bloomfield Family.