Harold George Transit Twelves

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Harold George Transit Twelves, MBE
Life dates
08 Apr 1904 - 03 Aug 1968
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The man on the right is believed to be Sergeant Major Twelves with the warrant officer's badge just visible on his left sleeve (A Stedman)

Regimental Sergeant Major Twelves was on the staff of Auxiliary Units from early in 1940, joining around the time of the move to Coleshill House.

He remained until mid 1943, when reductions in the Regular Army establishment meant a Sergeant Major Class 1 was no longer required.

In common with most Sergeant Majors he was not remembered with much fondness by the soldiers who served under him!

Earlier in his military career he had been quite a successful football, representing a number of units.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
The Transport Office RASC Section 1940 1943
The Royal Army Service Corps
Military number

Enlisted 1918 - The RASC enlistment book records his service as reckoning from 19 Apr 1918 when he was just 14. It was possible to join the RASC as a boy soldier at this age, usually as a trumpter or clerk. He joined direct from school, being referred to as a scholar on his record. He joined the Clerk branch of the RASC.


14 Aug 1923 Promoted Lance Corporal, G Company Bulford

1 Jan 1924 Promoted acting Corporal, G Company Bulford, later confirmed Corporal effective this date

1 Nov 1925 Promoted Sergeant, G Company Bulford

11 Nov 1926 Extends service to 12 years

1927 Awarded No.3 Drill Certificate by 2nd Battalion Scots Guards

5 Apr 1927 Posted to Training College, A (Depot) Company Aldershot

11 Apr 1927 Embarked for China

15 May 1927 Disembarked in Hong Kong

1928 Serving at A/Q Branch Headuarters South China Command

1 Mar 1930 Embarked for UK

4 Apr 1930 Disembarked in UK, posted to Aldershot

1930 Posted from Aldershot to B (Supply) Company Kensington for employment at Barrack Office, London District

19 Jan 1931 Promoted Staff Sergeant and admitted to married Quarters B Company

1935 Serving at Tidworth

14 Jan 1936 Promoted Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant Warrant Officer Class II (Clerk)

1936 Serving at Bulford

1 Apr 1938 - Promoted Staff Sergeant Major Warrant Officer Class 1.

1938 Serving at the War Office

circa Aug 1940 to May 1943 - Sergeant Major, Auxiliary Units at Coleshill House

5 Aug 1941 - Promoted Regimental Sergeant Major, Warrant Officer Class 1

1 Jan 1942 Awarded MBE (Military division) in New Years Honours List, presumably for work with Auxiliary Units

30 Oct 1943 - Commissioned as Lieutenant (Quartermaster) 297892

23 Aug 1946 - Promoted Captain (Quartermaster), 921st Company RASC (AACT) (TA) London

1950 relieved from 32 Company Workshops, Malta

1951 From Middle East Land Forces to Wandsworth as Regimental Quartermaster 1 AA Group Column South RASC (TA)

23 Aug 1952 - Promoted Major (Quartermaster)

1958 Retired as Major (Quartermaster)

Shipbourne Road, Tonbridge, Kent (1968)
Other information

He married Florence E Dennett in 1926 at Bovington. She moved to be near him at Coleshill shortly before he was posted away to train for his commission.