Percy Harold Clark

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Sergeant Percy Harold Clark
Life dates
24 Jan 1913 - 1999

His surname is sometimes recorded as Clarke.

Percy was interviewed by Stephen Sutton in 1994 for The Imperial War Museum.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
New Romney Patrol Patrol Leader 10 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
National ID
DJOF 237/4

Delivery driver

Bungalow Farm, Ashford Road, later Eastbrook, Church Lane, New Romney, Kent
Other information

“In 1940, I was 27 years old, married and working as a delivery driver for George Palmer, the agricultural corn merchant, at Palmers Corn in New Romney. One day, while in the stores, I received a telephone call from an Army officer at Wye asking if he could come over and interview me this Friday. Peter Fleming, Norman Field and another officer, with red tabs, turned up. What’s this all about, I thought? Before they would tell me anything, I had to sign the Official Secrets Act. They then outlined the resistance project and asked if I could put a patrol together by Sunday – 48 hours. I was asked to select people we could trust and we could work with. I made my selection and nobody refused when I asked them. We all went up to Wye, where we signed the Official Secrets Act again. I think my name was put forward by Joe Allnatt.

I was in the ordinary Home Guard and when I left, no-one asked questions. Secrecy was vital. My wife knew I would have to disappear in the event of an invasion and that she would be evacuated with the other civilians.
I didn’t know it at the time, but my recruitment meant I was exempt from call-up. I volunteered for the RAF and went to Maidstone for a medical. I was accepted for flying duties, but never got called-up. I presume, now, because I was a member of Auxiliary Units."

He worked as an ambulance driver through out the war.

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Percy Clarke getting into his OB 1995 (from Kentish Express)
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George Elvy and Percy Clark 1995 (from Kentish Express)

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The late Percy Clarke via Stephen Sutton
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