Phyllis Michelle Browne (Miss)

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Second Subaltern Phyllis Michelle "Mickey" Browne
Life dates
1918 - 12 May 2015

Mickey Browne was one the first outstation operators and part of the trial set up in Kent that predated commissioning ATS operators. This happened when it was realised that posting them to stations as other ranks was against ATS rules.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Halstead Instation Operator 1941 1942
Bury St Edmunds Instation Operator 1942 1942
Reigate Hill Instation Operator 1943 20 Jul 1944
The Auxiliary Territorial Service
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
29 Jun 1941

Halstead 15 Dec 1941, 7 May 1942 when she notes Mickey Browne too valuable to be moved. 10 Jul 1942,
Bury St Edmunds 24 Aug 1942, 6 Oct 1942,
Reigate 28 Jan 1943

Other information

Married Reginald C Trant in 1948 at St Austell


London Gazette 1941

Beatrice Temple Diary