Stanley Hayes

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Private Stanley Hayes
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31 Oct 1910 - 1981
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Stanley Hayes (Colin Hayes)

Stanley Hayes lived in Boston for all his life other than his time in the Army. We worked for various local firms. On the outbreak of war he became an ARP Warden. He joined Auxiliary Units untl he was called up. 

After the war was a member of the Civil Defence (Ambulance Section). He worked at RAF Cranwell for the Department of the Environment, eventually being appointed Clerk of Works. He was a keen angler and wildfowler, and an honorary member of the Target Rifle Club

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Operations Archway & Howard SAS combatant 1944 1945
Boston A Patrol Patrol member 1940 1943
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For 5 years before the war he was a member of the Lincolnshire Regiment, Territorial Army.

He joined the Auxiliary Units in Boston.

15 Nov 1942

He was called up into the General Service Corps, but discharged to the Army Reserve a week later, presumably due to his Auxiliary Units service.

In 1943, most likely mid April, when the restrictions were lifted for Auxiliers, he was called up, joining the West Yorkshire Regiment.

Shortly afterwards in early 1944 he was invited to joined the SAS. He served on Operation Howard


Colin Hayes