William George Metherell

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Private William "George" Metherell
Life dates
12 Mar 1916 - 28 May 2007
Unit or location Role Posted from until
Torrington Patrol Patrol member 03 Jul 1940 03 Dec 1944
National ID
WFLC 219/4
Commissioned or Enlisted
3 July 1940

Farm worker

Moortown Farm, Torrington, Devon
Other information

He was known by his second name of George.

His Grandson recalled stories told to him as a child when he used to spend a lot of time with George in and around the woods near St Giles and Stevenstone.  He was very much a woodsman and did a lot of game shooting and beating. Whilst they were out George would tell stories relating to underground bunkers and sabotage but being young he thought they were good stories told by a Granddad who hadn't been in the army.  

George told him of one night when they had to try to break in to RAF Chivenor and ended up painting crosses on planes that they had managed to get to in order to simulate destroying them. 

As the Grandson grew older they decided it was all just a bit too far fetched.  It was only when visiting the Imperial War Museum a few years ago that he saw something about the Auxillary Units and realised the significance of what George had been telling them.


TNA ref WO199/3391

1939 Register

Auxilier's Grandson Brandon Metherell