Alfred James Collings

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Corporal Alfred James "Jimmo" Collings
Life dates
11 Dec 1902 - 1980
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Jimmo was the Corporal of Stoke Gabriel Patrol

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Stoke Gabriel Patrol Patrol Corporal 23 Sep 1941 03 Dec 1944
National ID
WIOB 151/1
Commissioned or Enlisted
September 1941


Berkley Square, Stoke Gabriel, Devon
Other information

The nominal roll records him as James Alfred but official birth and death records name him as Alfred James. His friends knew him as Jimmo. 

Corporal Jimmo Collings was employed as a horseman on Whitehill Farm, the last person to have that roll as tractors took over. 

George Collings recalls; "Jimmo was my dads older brother. The last horseman at Whitehill Farm, now a massive caravan site between Collaton and Stoke. Thin as a rake and rumoured to have travelled as far a Exeter but only twice ! He enjoyed cadging drinks off of tourists by drinking brandy and setting fire to it. The brothers always said if interrogated all they had to do was force alcohol down him to get him talking. Poaching was the family sport and with the sort of local knowledge only agricultural workers gain his potential as a saboteur was no doubt was why he was selected".

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Jimmo Collings
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Jimmo Collings at work

TNA ref WO/199/3391

1939 Register 

George Collings