Algeron Montague Neville Rodulfo

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Captain Algeron Montague Neville "Monty" Rodulfo, C.B.E
Life dates
21 Dec 1913 - 1970

Born in London he was the son of Nicolaus Algernon Rodulfo from Trinidad and Minna Helena (nee Frost from Germany). He married Mary Poulson in 1945.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Coleshill House, GHQ Intelligence Officer 1940 1940

Repton School

The Royal Armoured Corps
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
29 Apr 1939

29 April 1939 Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in Royal Tank Regiment.

Served with Gubbins in Independent Companies in Norway as his Intelligence Officer.

Late 1940 listed as part of the HQ staff for Auxiliary Units. He was an Intelligence Officer.

SOE Operation Baldhead II with Col Bill Beyts in the Andaman Islands.

World War 2 in Burma - with Indian Secret Intelligence Service.

Post war Specialist on Yunnan (Bordering Vietnam & Burma)
Relinquishes commission 9 Oct 1948. Recommissioned Captain RTR 21 Dec 1948.

Emigrated to Australia 1951.
Relinquished British commission on 17th Sept 1951 on appointment to Australian Army. Commissioned as 3/40092

1953 wrote briefing article on Southeast Asian geopolitics. Did this as a member of Australian Army Intelligence Corps.

20 Oct 1958 Captain (Temporary Major) Rodulfo Seconded to Department of Defence.

18 Sept 1959 ceased to be seconded to Department of Defence and transferred to Department of External Affairs.
Short service commission extended to 21 Dec 1960.

31 Dec 1960 New Years honours list - awarded CBE whilst Lieutenant Colonel Australian ASC 340092 for service as Attache to Laos.

Second in Command to Richard Noones for British Training Team in Vietnam. Civilian appointment to Defence Department for this purpose 1961

Later instructor at Dalat for Vietnamese National Police Field Force. He was a civilian contractor working for Ted Serong, who was a former Commander of the Australian Army Training Team-Vietnam [AATTV] who had been seconded to the US forces and thus becoming involved with a CIA contract to establish a training school at Delat to train the National Police Field force [NPFF]. Rodulfo although a 'civilian' was more than likely an advisor

He died in 1970 in Hong Kong

Other information

Unlike other members of SOE, Monty Rodulfo's SOE file is not to be found in the National Archives. Possibly because the file was transferred to another branch.