Brian Wake Leonard

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Sergeant Brian Wake "Peter" Leonard
Life dates
17 May 1911 - 1991

Known as Peter.

Alan Chester: “I didn’t know much about the operation as a whole. I think I was recommended by Jack Long as I worked for him, as did Peter Leonard and Travis Lockwood. I only knew them slightly by face as I never worked with them on the farms.  I remember Peter Leonard was a ‘playboy’ who had quite a bit of cash to spend. He would smoke his pipe in the ice house OB and knock it out on the boxes of explosives."

One day Peter Leonard was called down to the Garth because some high ranking men were visiting to inspect. He was told to wear uniform so this he did. Although on turning up at the Garth one of the Lovet Scouts, a Sergeant Macdonald still based there to train men, couldn’t stop laughing at him which he found very puzzling. After a while he calmed himself down and they told Peter why he was laughing! Peter had put his gaiters on upside down!

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Hastingleigh Patrol Patrol Leader 10 Aug 1940 03 Dec 1944
National ID
DJGR 22/1


Staple Farm, Cow Lees, Hastingleigh, Kent
Other information

Known as Peter in 1939 he was a Special Constable. He married Lilian Patterson in 1946.


TNA ref WO199/3390 & 1,
Hancock data held at B.R.A,
1939 Register