Dorothy Eileen Monck-Mason (Mrs)

Personnel header
Second Subaltern Dorothy Eileen Monck-Mason
Life dates
16 Oct 1917 - 23 Sep 2008
Unit or location Role Posted from until
Blandford Instation Operator 11 Mar 1942 29 Oct 1942
Salisbury Instation Operator 30 Oct 1942 1943
Alnwick Instation Operator Unknown Unknown
Halstead Instation Operator Unknown Unknown
National ID
AYBM 178/3
The Auxiliary Territorial Service
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
11 Mar 1942

Sales assistant (1939) in fruit and flower department


She is recorded at being at the following sites on the dates listed
Blandford 23 Mar 1942, 14 Apr 1942, 13 Aug 1942,
Salisbury 30 Oct 1942
Alnwick 23 May 1943
Temple's diary records her at Alnwick in 1943 though Dorothy recalled this as her first posting

19 Belgrave Road, Westminster, London
Other information

Beatrice Temple recorded in her diary; July 4 1942 Had to send for MM who had been seen in staff car in London.

Mar 9 1943 Dorothy MM who wants to come to HQ for interview.

May 5 1943 On to Reigate – long session and tea in Mess with very depressed Dorthy MM.

Thur Aug 5 1943 Left OCTU in a deluge called on DDATS (Scott Cmd) - on via Dunbar for lunch in mixed mess. 
Deluge all the way to Alnwick - Dorothy – story of trials at Capt Groves came pouring out. Overnight stay.

Jan 8 1944 Off to Doncaster with Price 10.30. arrived 16.30. Margaret W. & Marjorie F. Coping with exercise. Captain Shanks & Fingland then Ned told a long tale of Dorothy MM.

Jan 16 1944 To HQ to see Commander – already knew about Dorothy MM. A very confusing situation has 
arisen – Went on the range ??? and Doris with Oxo.

Jan 17 1944 London by train with Knapp. Interviewed Salter passed. AG16(b) to see about cook. Met the Commander there - they had been to hurry up Dorothy MM's posting. 

Jan 18 1944 9.50 train to Edinburgh – rang Morgan posted!! – Major Jones rang Commander sent him a 
message about D MM very inaccurate one.

Jan 27 1944 Talked to DMM at Portsmouth Club looked ill and apathetic.

May 19 1944 John Collings turned up in Sussex. Drinks at Sussex hotel ? (H.Heath) told her lot of amusing 
things. Supposed to have said to the Commander “slap and tickle be damned” over Dorothy MM affair. 

She was interviewed by John Warwicker in 1998, a transcript is here.

Born Dorothy Eileen Peacock, she married 1941 John Hunter Monck-Mason, a Royal Signals officer with Special Duties and nephew of Adrian Monck-Mason, an outstation operator in Kent. In the 1939 Register they are recorded as living together, with her surname as Monck-Mason.

She remarried in 1949 to become Dorothy Rainey - her husband Major Anthony W. Rainey, Royal Marines, commissioned 1937, post war served with the Small Raids Wing (previously and later the SBS) and also took part in Olympic sailing trials.


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