Harry Blyth

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Sergeant Harry Blyth
Unit or location Role Posted from until
Rogart Patrol Patrol Leader Unknown 03 Dec 1944
Skelbo Patrol Patrol Leader Unknown Unknown
National ID
SXHB 10/1


Coul House, Skelbo later Rovie, Rogart, Sutherland
Other information

Blyth was the original Sergeant of Skelbo Patrol. He moved and set up a new Patrol in Rogart after October 1942.

Blythe was the keeper at Cambusmore at the start of the war, and subsequently keeper at Skibo. In 2014 as part of Ledmore and Migdale Memories Project he told L. Suggett and M. Thomson that he was in the Auxiliary Unit, and that there was a cache of ammunition beside the loch. This was very secret – even his wife didn’t know he was a member. L Suggett was shown this ammo cache by H Blythe which was on the north side of Migdale Loch at the east end.