Herbert James Wellington

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Sergeant Herbert James "Herb" Wellington
Life dates
07 May 1901 - 09 Oct 1964
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The brother of Cyril, Herb was the Sergeant of Plympton Patrol. The brothers tossed a coin on 27th February 1941 to decide who was going to move on to become Group Commander. Cyril won and Herbert was promoted to Patrol Sergeant.

He was once seen by his daughter Ann, who could not sleep, drying explosives that had gotten wet, by the fire.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Plympton Patrol Patrol Leader 10 Jun 1940 03 Dec 1944
National ID
WHWE 270/1
Commissioned or Enlisted
10 June 1940

School teacher

Gwendra, Oakfield Road, Plympton, Devon
Other information

Born to Henry and Angelina the family moved from Devon to Newcastle around 1911 but returned to Devon by 1921. Herbert was the brother of Group Commander Cyril Wellington. He married Eva Coker in 1928. He is buried Drake Memorial Park, Plympton. He was a celebrated bass-baritone.


TNA ref WO/199/3390

The Hancock data held at B.R.A.

1939 Register

Cyril Wellington's Diary courtesy of his daughter Margaret Gardner via Evelyn Simak.

Ann Wellington daughter of Auxilier Herb Wellington