Horace John Northover

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Private Horace John "Jack" Northover
Life dates
08 Jul 1926 - 12 Dec 2017

Horace John Northover took his brother's place in the Patrol when he joined the RAF, though technically too young to join and he does not appear in the Nominal Roll until he was old enough. Before this Jack, as he had always been known, was in the Home Guard but hadn’t heard anything about Auxiliary Units, despite his father and brother being involved. Tragically, his brother George William Northover was killed on 15th April 1943 when just 20 years old, when his plane was hit during a raid on Stuttgart, Germany, crashing in France. His father died on 3rd September 1943 aged 58 and his wife, Gladys Sarah Louisa died on the 13th June 1944, aged just 53. Both are buried in Stratton. 

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Wrackleford Patrol Patrol member 08 Jan 1943 03 Dec 1944
National ID
WLDT 14/7
Gamekeepers Cottages, Stratton
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George Herbert Northover centre, with George William to his right and Jack to his left (Dave Northover)

Jack Northover