Howard Daniel Howell

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Private Howard Daniel Howell
Life dates
18 Feb 1892 - 20 Jul 1969
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Roy and Howard Howell (from John Howell)
Unit or location Role Posted from until
Harford Patrol Patrol member 18 Aug 1942 03 Dec 1944
National ID
WHUY 10/1
Commissioned or Enlisted
18th Aug 1942

Company director of timber merchant

Lukesland, Harford, Ivybridge, Devon
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Howard was the father of Auxilier Roy Howell. Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, he graduated from Victoria College, University of Toronto in 1914. He came to Britain with the Canadian Expeditionary Force during WW1, serving as a Quartermaster in the Canadian Forestry Corps. The unit was stationed at Starcross near Exeter and was employed felling trees at Haldon to provide timber for the trenches. They were often invited to the local large houses and it was here where he met his future wife. He married Muriel Neale in 1920, the sister of Mrs Ferrer Loveridge. They settled in Exeter and later moved to Lukesland in 1931.

Lukesland is still owned by the family and the gardens are open to the public at certain times.

He was a Justice of the Peace and very “correct” in his views.

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Howard Howell grave at Harford Church
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The Howell family (from John Howell)
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TNA ref WO199/3391

1939 Register

The Howell family.