Jack Straker

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Private Jack Straker
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Unit or location Role Posted from until
West Dorset Scout Section Scout Section Member Unknown unknown
SAS 1944-1945 SAS combatant 1944 1945
SAS 1944-1945 SAS combatant 1944 1945
The Wiltshire Regiment
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Jack had fought in France in 1940 and took part in the Dunkirk evacuation.

After service with the Wiltshire Scout Section, he returned to the 4th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment in 1943 as the Scout Sections were being reduced. He joined the SAS at the start of 1944 serving with B squadron 1 SAS in France, alongside Paddy Mayne. He completed Parachute Course 111A in April 1944, described as Cheerful and confident and with average performance.


A Straker