John Francis Gallimore

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Corporal John Francis Gallimore
Life dates
23 Jul 1919 - 03 Apr 2000
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John Francis Gallimore (Ian Banks)

The British Resistance Organisation Museum was contacted by the son-in-law of John F Gallimore in the late 1990s. He reportedly served at River House, Earls Colne, headquarters for Essex Auxiliary Units and trained Home Guard members there.

There is also a photograph of Royal Engineers Corporal Gallimore taken at Coleshill House in 1940 and it is thought that this is the same man, meaning that he would have been the Royal Engineers Corporal on the Headquarters staff at River House.

He was married in summer 1941 in Halsted in Essex, close to Earls Colne, supporting this. He was born in 1919 in Lancashire and died in 2000 in Essex.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
River House, Essex Royal Engineers Non-Commissioned Officer 1941 1944
Royal Engineers' Office Royal Engineers Non-Commissioned Officer 1940 1940
National ID
NOBN 116/3
The Essex Regiment

Apprentice joiner.

109 Park Road, Prescot, Lancashire
Other information

He married Iren M Sumner at Halsted in the summer of 1941.


Letter re J F Gallimore (BROM)

John Banks