Kenneth Sidney Marsh

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Captain Kenneth Sidney Marsh
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11 Feb 1889 - 21 Apr 1975
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The landowners Captain Kenneth and Dorothy Marsh (nee Clarke) have ideal credentials to be involved. At the very least they must have been aware of the wireless site. In 1939 he is head of the local Observer Corps. Locally it is suggested a woman was the main operator.

On May 14th 1942 The Wells Journal ran an article on Kenneth Marsh and his farming methods which was broadcast by the BBC. The article records the Farm is predominantly rearing and selling poultry rather than selling the eggs. It also notes the feed is produced in vast sums from local food waste and army swill from military camps. This shows the Marshes would have frequently and freely traveled the area collecting waste and be able to monitor local situations if necessary.

The last part of the article states; “Mr Marsh, who has many friends in Wells, is to be congratulated on his excellent broadcast”. This implies he must have been an eloquent speaker and a well connected man, ideal attributes for a Special Duties Operator.

Kenneth Marsh was a tall, upstanding man with a impressive handlebar moustache. Having married in Kuala Lumpur the couple lived in Federated Malay States where they had their first son in 1919 and daughter in 1922. They owned Tanjong Mas Estate, a rubber plantation of 1,360 acres in Sepang, but sold that and their home at Somerton Court, Somerton, Somerset and bought and settled at Edgarley in 1931. During the 1910s and 20s they often traveled backward and forward from the UK, his occupation recorded as “Planter”. 

The Marsh's home at Edgarley Manor Farm was remembered as being full of lion skins, stuffed exotic animals and hunting trophies from their time in the Far East.

Kenneth Sidney Marsh (239663) is recorded in The London Gazette (8 Sept 1942) to be a Second Lieutenant without Army pay and allowances. This often denotes service in SOE or Military Intelligence. He relinquished his commission on ceasing to be employed 30 Sept 1949 and is granted the honorary rank of Captain.

He died aged 85 at Edgarley Manor.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Edgarley Outstation Operator Unknown 20 Jul 1944

Sherborne Kings School

National ID
WOGF 127/3

Poultry farmer

Edgarley Manor Farm, Edgarley, Glastonbury, Somerset

1939 Register.

Don Brown

May 14th 1942 The Wells Journal. The Straits Times 9 March 1932

Roger Parsons

London Gazette Sept 1942 

London Gazette Sept 1949