Malcolm Ernest Hancock

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Major Malcolm Ernest Hancock
Life dates
15 Nov 1897 - 05 May 1989
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Coleshill House, GHQ DAQMG 23 Nov 1943 1944

Wellingborough Grammar School. In cricket XI, Officer Training Corps and rifle team.

Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
17 Apr 1915 (two days after 18th birthday)

Autumn 1914 - 1915 Employed as teacher for two terms at Kings College, Gloucester. Applied for commission on recommendations from OTC and Head of College. Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant into 4th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment

17 April 1915 Landed Gallipoli as Platoon Commander No.2 Pln ‘A’ Company

15 August 1915 Advance towards ‘Kidney Hill’

16 August 1915 Per Alban Goderic Arthur Hodges: "After a night (of the 15/16 August 1915) in the open amongst the rocks, the battalion moved forward at first light to Kidney Hill, and although under continuous fire, could not locate the enemy positions. "A" Company were in the lead when the Lance Corporal of Number 2 platoon was seriously wounded in the back. The platoon commander, Lieutenant M.E. Hancock, dressed his wound and called for stretcher bearers. When they came, one, the 15 year old Private Rideout, was shot through both legs by a single bullet. The remaining bearers removed the Lance Corporal and Hancock carried Rideout to the rear on his back, in full view of the Turkish front line troops. This was observed by Captain Rendered and Hancock was subsequently awarded the Military Cross for his bravery."

Operations moved to Hill 60. Appointed as Battalion Bombing Officer. Wounded, evacuated to Alexandria.

31 October 1915 Arrived back in the UK for further treatment and operations in hospital

2 June 1916 Mentioned-In-Despatches

13 July 1916 Presented with Military Cross by King George V at Buckingham Palace. Promoted Acting Captain.

1 May 1917 Recovered posted to 2/4th Battalion Northamptonshire Regt.

1917 Volunteered for service with the West African Regiment. Sierra Leone, West Africa.

1917 - 1918 Returned to the UK

Nov 1918 Demobilised.

Read Captain Hancock’s own account of his WW1 Service "While Memory lasts" here.

1919 - 1939 Established career as Horse Racing Judge.

30 June 1940 Commissioned Lieutenant in Coldstream Guards No. 136997

2 May 1941 Acting Captain in the ‘Coats Mission’ Royal Protection & Protecting Winston Churchill and VIP Guests at Chequers; See transcript of Interview tape here

22 Jun 1942 Holding Battalion. Coldstream Guards

24 Aug 1943 General Staff Officer 3rd Class (GS03) General Head Quarters, Home Forces

23 Nov 1943 Acting Major, DAQMG GHQ Auxiliary Units

23 Feb 1944 Temporary Major 

June 1944 Patrols sent from Scotland and the North to join Patrols on the Isle of Wight all under the Command of Major Hancock MC

19 Apr 1945 Acting Lieutenant Colonel Appointed as Assistant Director Army Welfare Services Headquarters Berlin District

19 July 1945 War Substantive Major

15 Aug 1945 Retired with the Honorary rank of Major

Other information

See also ‘The Somme’ website produced by Major Hancock’s grandson detailing his life.

In 1984 Hancock was interviewed by Peter Hart for the Imperial War Museum.

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Tankard presented to Henderson on him leaving Coleshill but left behind and used by Hancock (the Hancock Family)