Pamela Hay-Whiting (Miss)

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Second Subaltern Pamela Hay-Whiting
Unit or location Role Posted from until
Hickleton Hall (Doncaster) Instation Operator Unknown 1942
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
15 Jan 1942

Beatrice Temple recorded finding her at the following locations;
Doncaster (Hickleton Hall) 2 Feb 1942,
Barnsley (Gloucestershire) 14 Apr 1942

Other information

Thought to be Pamela Hay-Whiting - though recorded as Hay and Whiting in the transcription of the Beatrice Temple Diary. Hay-Whiting was commissioned at the same time as other Special Duties ATS, so it seems very likely that she was also one. She married Harold M Goodman in the summer of 1942 in Colchester.