Percy Cyril William Fost

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Private Percy Cyril William Fost
Life dates
21 Dec 1901 - 21 Mar 1977
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Percy Fost, who was originally from nearby Bradford Peverell but lived at a Wrackleford, took over as Patrol Sergeant after the original Patrol Leader George Northover (senior) died. Percy was a water bailiff at the start of the war, a gamekeeper for fish, but had previously been a gamekeeper since he was 18. He took over as the gamekeeper for the Wrackleford estate on George Northover's death. Though listed as Private on the nominal roll, Jack Northover recalls Percy Fost was a Corporal prior to taking over command.

In a newspaper article written at the time of his retirement, it is reported that he had been accepted for the RAF at the start of the war, but that the local farmers had requested he be excused service because of his unparalleled skill catching rabbits. More likely he was being exempted as a result of being in Auxiliary Units. He is said to have thoroughly enjoyed his time in the Home Guard (no mention of Auxiliary Units!) but was supplying rabbits sufficient for 100 meals/day to local markets. His biggest haul was reported to be 2000 rabbits in a single night!

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Wrackleford Patrol Patrol Leader 28 May 1940 03 Dec 1944
National ID
WLDT 43/1

Water Bailiff

2 Mill Lane, Stratton, Dorchester