Peter Pike

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Private Peter Pike
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21 Oct 1918 - 12 Jul 1989
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Peter Pike

Peter Pike was the son of Hubert, a Norfolk garage owner. The family hadn’t always lived in Norfolk, fleeing their first home in Ireland after their house was burned down by the IRA in 1921. He was commissioned in to the Royal Norfolk Regiment on 22nd June 1940. After the war he worked for Dunlop in Hong Kong and married, having five children. He retired to Diss where he died in 1989.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
East Norfolk Scout Section Scout Section Commander 1940 1943
Phantom: The GHQ Liaison Regiment Phantom Officer 31 May 1943 30 Jun 1943
Phantom: The GHQ Liaison Regiment Phantom Officer 31 May 1943 30 Jun 1943

Reading University (Agriculture)

The Royal Norfolk Regiment
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
22 Jun 1940

The Army List records him as “specially employed” from the first quarter of 1941 until the second quarter of 1944. Given that it seems to take around 6 months for this element of the listings to be updated, it suggests that he joined the Scout section on formation in late 1940 and served until the Scout Officers were reduced in 1943.

He was recruited into the GHQ Liaison Regiment, otherwise known as Phantom, along with several other Scout Section Officers, joining on 31 May 1943. He served with H Squadron and subsequently in Italy. He was Mentioned in Despatches for his work with Phantom.


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