Rosemary Anne Astley-Cooper (Miss)

Personnel header
Second Subaltern Rosemary Anne Astley-Cooper
Life dates
20 Aug 1920 - 06 Jan 2011
Unit or location Role Posted from until
Edinburgh Golf Course Instation Operator 02 Sep 1942 29 Oct 1942
Salisbury Instation Operator 1942 1942
Bury St Edmunds Instation Operator 29 Oct 1942 Unknown
National ID
TZKI 59/6
The Auxiliary Territorial Service
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
21 Sep 1941

Visited by Beatrice Temple at the following locations;
Salisbury 14 Apr 1942,
Edinburgh 2 Sep 1942 where she is recorded as wearing a red belt.
Hannington Hall course 26 Oct 1942

Cedars Cottage, Thedwastre, Suffolk
Other information

Rosemary replaced Mary Shaw at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk after Mary was hit by a car resulting in serious head injuries. 

Beatrice Temple recorded in her diary; "Tuesday April 14 1942 Astley-Cooper and Holmes – want to be Platoon Officers. Sept 20 1942 Charles at Hannington Hall – advised me to get rid of all the ATS who want to go. Edinburgh Officer Cadet Training Unit closed – Astley-Cooper and Hay-Whiting (now Goodman), must go at once".