Thomas Hugh Winterborn

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Major Thomas Hugh “Hugh” Winterborn
Life dates
09 Dec 1909 - 02 Aug 1985

Hugh Winterborn was the Commanding Officer of the Royal Signals in Auxiliary Units. He was present for the photograph taken on the steps of Coleshill House on 29th January 1942.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Coleshill House, GHQ Commanding Officer Royal Signals 1941 23 Mar 1942
The Royal Signals
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
29 Aug 1929

1929 Commissioned in Royal Signals
1935 Sent to Japan for language training
1938 Spent 1 month with a Japanese Infantry Regiment to observe their abilities
1939-1940 On staff of MI2c (Japanese Intelligence Section section)
1942 Commanding Officer Auxiliary Units Royal Signals
1943-45 Transferred to Far East as Japanese speaker, served at Mountbatten's headquarters in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka)
1947-1948 Head of Security Intelligence Far East (SIFE) for MI5
1/1/1950 Retires and awarded Honorary Rank of Lieutenant Colonel
He subsequently worked for the Ministry of defence until 1969, largely it seems for the Secret Intelligence Service, with his work featuring in Peter Wright's notorious book “Spycatcher”

Other information

1930s Took part in various motor racing events, including with Anthony Powys-Lybbe and became godfather to his son. While in Japan, he met and married Helene (Nenne) Beichmann, a Norweigan masseuse. His son Michael Hugh Winterborn was born in Oslo (her home town) in 1939, beomong a noted paediatric nephrologist and setting up the childrens dialysis unit in Birmingham.
1946 Birthday Honours List awarded OBE (Military Divison).
1965 Birthday Honours List awarded CBE