Thomas Varey

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Sergeant Thomas Varey
Life dates
21 Jul 1914 - 08 Aug 1944
Unit or location Role Posted from until
Scottish Highlands Scout Section Scout Section Member 10 Dec 1940 28 Feb 1944
Operation Gain SAS combatant 04 Jul 1944 09 Aug 1944
The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
27 Jun 1940

April 1931 to 1936 No. 2938101 with 213 Medium Battery Royal Artillery, Territorial Army, rising to rank of Bombardier

He was in the Auxiliary Fire Service by 1939.

He enlisted and was promoted Lance Corporal

In Dec 1940 he was posted to Auxiliary Units, Scout Sections, consistent with joining as the Scout Sections were being created.

Dec 1941 Promoted Corporal 

April 1943 Promoted Sergeant

1 Feb 1944 He joined the SAS

4 Jul 1944 Parachuted into France as part of Operation Gain, but the landing site had been compromised and the enemy were waiting, disguised as Maquis. He was wounded and captured by the Germans. He was given morphine by a comrade, but was not taken to hospital. Instead, along with others, he was executed in a wood near Beauvais. The Germans had convinced the men to change inton civilian clothes on the groonds they were being taken to Switzerland as part of an exchange. After stopping in the wood, they were lined up and told they would be shot. As this happened, the men broke for the wood, two of them getting away. Sadly Varey was not one of them, perhaps hampered by his existing wounds.

He is buried in the Marrisel French National Cemetry, created in 1922 for dead from the First World War