Victor Owen White

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Private Victor Owen "Chalky" White
Life dates
16 Oct 1918 - 07 Jul 1944

Les Long was a hairdresser from London, which was also home to Vic “Chalky” White. Both men had apparently deserted to fight in the Spanish Civil War. On the outbreak of World War Two, they had had managed to work their way back to Britain on a tramp steamer. Presumably after some form of punishment, they both joined the Norfolk Regiment (though their original Army numbers are for the Essex regiment). Both would go on to join 1 SAS and take part in Operation Bulbasket, alongside numerous other ex Auxiliary Units men. Both were executed by the Germans on 7 Jul 1944.

Killed in Action B Squad 1st SAS in Operation Bulbasket. He is buried at Rom Communal Cemetery in France alongside his fallen comrades. Service number 6011364.
British Army Casualty Lists report on 4 July 1944 he had previously reported missing believed to be a prisoner of war but was now reported not missing. He was reported killed in action on or shortly after 7 July 1944.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
East Norfolk Scout Section Scout Section Member 30 Jun 1941 20 Apr 1943
Operation Bulbasket SAS combatant 08 Jun 1944 03 Jul 1944
Operation Bulbasket SAS combatant 08 Jun 1944 03 Jul 1944
The Royal Norfolk Regiment
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
1 Apr 1936

Tom Colquitt

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