William Alexander Maguire

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Private William Alexander “Paddy” Maguire
Life dates
12 Sep 1915 - 1999

Bill Maguire was Lieutenant Bradford's batman. He had apparently enlisted in a Scottish regiment and seems to be wearing a Glengarry in the photo, though at the time he was serving in the RASC. He was an Army child and had grown up in India, with his father and grandfather apparently serving in Irish regiments. He recalled that the Section didn’t wear uniform often, particularly if training. They made a point of staying away from Upton Pyne village so as not to be recognised after they went to ground by any of the locals.

He joined the SAS with his officer, but wasn't with him when he died as he was on another operation at the time. After the war he returned to Devon and married a Thoverton girl, Nancy E Gilpon, at Tiverton in 1945 

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Devon Scout Section Scout Section Member Unknown unknown
Operation Houndsworth SAS combatant 22 Jun 1944 24 Sep 1944
The Royal Army Service Corps


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