Florence Margaret Cole (Miss)

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Second Subaltern Florence Margaret "Waddy" Cole
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Profile picture
Caption & credit
Drawing by Sally Waterhouse-Brown (from IWM)
Unit or location Role Posted from until
Rackheath Hall Instation Operator 1942 1942
Hickleton Hall (Doncaster) Instation Operator 1942 1943
Reigate Hill Instation Operator 1944 20 Jul 1944
South Dalton Instation Operator 1943 1943
The Auxiliary Territorial Service
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
11 Mar 1942

Her interview with Beatrice Temple was on 13 Jan 1942

She was visited by Beatrice Temple at the following locations;
Norwich 9 Jun 1942,
Doncaster (Hickleton Hall) 16 Jul 1942,
South Dalton 19 Sept, 25 Oct 1943
Reigate 25 Jan 1944

Other information

Beatrice Temple notes in her diary; Sun 19 Sep 1943 Capt Grover cooked lunch – tea at Scotch Corner and then South Dalton. Dinner at Generals mess – PMC disclosed that Waddy had very good compassionate grounds for not being moved.

Mon 25 Oct 1943 To South Dalton to see Michael Farrer – very keen. Waddy now engaged should not return. 
Dinner in mess with Cicily in one hut.

But by Jan 25 1944 she notes; To Reigate for lunch in the Mess – up to the Hut -  Waddy said her engagement is postponed.

Feb 11 1944 she notes; On to South Dalton first to Hut then to dinner with Waddy's discarded fiancé, 
Lord Allenby and Clarke (brother of VAD).


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