Ian James Wishaw Benson

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Major Ian James Wishaw Benson
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16 Apr 1920 - 05 Oct 2012
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Ian Benson was the third Intelligence Officer in Sussex and then became Training Officer for the whole country. He became Camp Commandant at Coleshill House until its closure.

He married his cousin Joan (Wendy) Benson on 17th March 1941 (St Patricks Day).

Their children Jonathon Patrick D’Arcy Benson born 1943 and Gabriel Meredith (Merrie) born 1946.

His father, John Robinson Benson, was a Colonel in Royal Army Medical Corps, and a leading surgeon in Bath before his marriage, subsequently buying a private mental hospital at Market Lavington, Wiltshire, which later moved to Laverstock House, Salisbury.

Unit or location Role Posted from until
Coleshill House, GHQ Camp Commandant 16 Aug 1943 01 Jan 1945
Sussex Intelligence Officer 22 Aug 1942 16 Aug 1943

Home educated

The Wiltshire Regiment
Military number
Commissioned or Enlisted
23 Jul 1938

3 July 1938   
Temporary Second Lieutenant  4th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment (Territorial Army) based at Amesbury

Wiltshire Depot, Devizes.  Adjutants Assistant.

Captain Adjutant at Wiltshires Depot, Devizes - replacing C.F.G. Bond who departed to France with 2nd Battalion.

1 Jan 1941
War Substantive Lieutenant

August 1942
Joined Auxiliary Units as Intelligence Officer Sussex, replacing C.F.G. Bond who departed to GHQ Coleshill.

6 Aug 1942
Temporary Captain

1943 - 1945

Became 'Training Officer' covering all areas from Orkney Isles Southward.
Appointed Camp Commandant at GHQ Coleshill House serving until Stand Down in January 1945.  

12 Mar 1945
Medically Discharged with rank of Hononary Captain

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CART were lucky enough to meet interview and film Ian Benson. In March 2011 he appeared at the CART Tottington Manor event. 

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Capt Ian Benson on right with CARTs Bill Ashby
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The late Captain Ian Benson